Grrrl gets off the Internet. Rides mountain bike.

While I wasn’t doing anything radically political this weekend (like smashing the right wing, the 1%, and patriarchy in one swell foop), I did meet a dozen guys, and one gal, for a mountain biking hammerfest at Skeggs Point.

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Pie-Powered Pedaling to Pescadero

The monthly barn dance at Pie Ranch is hands-down my favorite destination for a hoe-down. A bike camping trip to this tiny slice of a farm is easy as pie and just as wholesome. Check out the trip at-at-a-glance for route details. Day One: 45 miles to Pescadero from Menlo Park Caltrain Station Our crew of […]

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Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour

This post is ONE BIG HOLLA to my speedy, game and adventurous friends, Peter and Becker. At a bbq last week, Peter let on that he was looking for a bike adventure in the coming weekend. He suggested that we ride Tamarancho, a Boy Scout maintained single-track mountain biking trail in Fairfax. Later in the […]

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Downhilling in Downieville

Indie the mountain bike just got his first taste of technical downhill singletrack. We made two runs of the Downieville Downhill trail this weekend! This glamour shot was taken at nigh 8000 feet at Packer Saddle, where the bike shuttle from Yuba Expeditions dropped us off for our 16 mile downhill run back to ~3000 […]

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A Night Ride, A New Bike.

A couple weeks ago, I went night-riding in the Berkeley hills. The five of us were a proper ragtag bike gang: 2 mountain bikes, 1 single-speed mountain bike, Amory on his new Cannondale Hooligan, and me on the ol’ Miyata. It was around midnight. The moon was just past full. Berkeley was lit up like a mothership. […]

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