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Why you need to email EBMUD right now

Why you need to email EBMUD right now

Speak up, because mountain bikers were outnumbered 3:1 at last night’s meeting. Support EBMUD’s proposal to connect the Bay Area Ridge Trail for bikes. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks

  • Bay Area bike crime-fighter Jenny Oh reports back on the San Francisco Police Department's bicycle theft prevention workshop. http://bit.ly/W39ibd
  • Check out this Google Map of where to buy second hand bikes in the Oakland and Berkeley area. http://g.co/maps/h2qbw
  • Don't let broken spokes leave you brokenhearted! You're going to need a hyper-cracker to remove the rear cassette, especially on off-road or extended bike tours. Click here for a website comparing the various lightweight commercial and homemade tools available.

Bike Weekends

Where to next weekend? From hot springs soak to camp out under pines, bicycles are natural partners in adventure. Search this map for your next bike-powered destination in the Bay Area. Click on the placemarks to learn more about the route and attractions.

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The Flaming Bike Blog is written and test-ridden by Ginger Jui. This blog follows her bike adventures from a home base in Oakland, California. Detailed descriptions of her favorite trips can be found in her online guide to Bay Area bike adventures.

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