Postcard: Fogbound in Marin

Duboce Bikeway Mural.

From headlands,

In fog, the chemical defenses of chaparral against insect burrow, fungal rot, and animal chew let down guard. Reinvigorated, stomata unclench to exchange air for air.

My hair and arms and clothing inhale pungent oil and pitchy distillations. The lemongrass of Douglas Fir, the woody warmth of coastal sage, the purple musk of Ceanothus — until a scent of steamed rice and bamboo baskets catches me by surprise. I turn around and around sniffing. It is Baccharis pilularis, coyote brush. This ubiquitous shrub, in this weather, exhales scent-memories that speak of absent family and quiet, lonely dinners far from home.

I laugh. My lashes are damp.


The sea.

Serpentine outcrop on Railroad Grade.
Middle Gulch Trail.
Railroad Grade
Understory road.
Coastal sage. Artemisia californica
Fog fennel.
The cabins at Steep Ravine.
Headlands at low tide, exposing sealife and geothermal seeps.
Nori rock.
Sandfeet seaweed.
Seastar intertidal.
Morning commute.

2 thoughts on “Postcard: Fogbound in Marin

    1. Thanks Carey!

      My GX1 just started freaking out with error messages (I think it’s a stuck lens shutter). I’m missing my cam, though optimistic for a fix.

      I’m attributing the malfunction to salty fog or taking it up to 12,000ft in Wyoming. *grin* Adventures forever!

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