Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour – Day 2

Be sure to catch up on Day 1 of the Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour.

Drake's Bay oyster omlette with frikkin' awesome taters.

Becker and I woke up Sunday morning in the 6am dark. The search and rescue training group gave a rally cry in the distance and tromped by again, a line of them in headlights. We crouched by the creek like Sam and Frodo waiting out the armies of Mordor. After they passed, we packed up camp and descended to Fairfax, where we scarfed a big breakfast to New Orleans Jazz at the Hummingbird Cafe.

After the breakfast coma, Peter (who showed up in his pickup truck) joined the two of us for a circuit around Tamarancho. It was 6 miles of beautiful single track through oak and bay laurel forests and golden Marin pastures. There was even a nice serpentine garden, where the routes through the rock were worn to a smooth green sheen by years of mountain bike tire rubber. The worst part was two sections of switchbacks, where my bike handling skills failed me and I mildly sprained an ankle. It’s my first injury this summer and I thoroughly iced it last night. Walking on it fine today!

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