Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour

This post is ONE BIG HOLLA to my speedy, game and adventurous friends, Peter and Becker.

At a bbq last week, Peter let on that he was looking for a bike adventure in the coming weekend. He suggested that we ride Tamarancho, a Boy Scout maintained single-track mountain biking trail in Fairfax. Later in the week, Becker mentioned that he’d be racing in the Lion of Fairfax of cyclocross race. Becker’s been showing me around the East Bay mountain biking trails and is a generally speedy guy. He’s been trying to get me to race and invited me along.

I said, “Yes and Yes!”

This weekend’s shenanigans have now been christened the Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour. To complete the tour, future riders must:

Stage 1: Bike out to Fairfax from the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Stage 2: Race in the Lion of Fairfax.

Stage 3: Ride up Bolinas-Fairfax Road and stealth camp at Alpine Dam.

Stage 4: Next morning, ride back up and down to Fairfax.

Stage 5: Ride the Tamarancho single-track trail.

I didn’t do Stage 6. Becker and I wimped out and threw our bikes in Peter’s pick-up truck. Maybe next year I’ll convince him, and my legs, to ride back to Oakland via Vallejo and the Carquinez Bridge.

For ride and race details, read:

Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour – Day 1: ride out to Fairfax, race cyclocross (optional podium finish!) and pedal up to Alpine Dam to camp.

Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour – Day 2: eat a huge breakfast back in Fairfax and ride single track at Tamarancho.

More cowbell!

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