A Night Ride, A New Bike.

A couple weeks ago, I went night-riding in the Berkeley hills.

The five of us were a proper ragtag bike gang: 2 mountain bikes, 1 single-speed mountain bike, Amory on his new Cannondale Hooligan, and me on the ol’ Miyata. It was around midnight. The moon was just past full. Berkeley was lit up like a mothership.

The trails were clay-slick and muddy. It was my first time on singletrack. I was cautious and hung back, not trusting my touring tires.  A newt padded across the trail. He must have been a fast bugger, because no one ahead of me saw him.

We laughed at the dark hills before us. All the strangers asleep in their beds! Do they dream of five fey riders racing through eucalyptus and oak?  I looked back and was night-blinded by headlamps — swamp fire leading faceless friends.

It is unsurprising, then, that I’ve added a new, very studly steed to our stables. The frame is an Independent Fabrication ‘Deluxe’. I’m not so hot about the shocks (…that racing fork is never gonna make it through Copper Canyon). But, a morning ride awaits!

The report from Amory: Not only do we have 16 cycles, there’s space for 16 cycles to hang!

Adds Ginger: And the tall bike outside makes 17.

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