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Mount Diablo Eclipse Overnight

With clear skies and dark nights, Mount Diablo is a skywatching destination. Just beware the trash pandas. Continue reading

Why you need to email EBMUD right now

Speak up, because mountain bikers were outnumbered 3:1 at last night’s meeting. Support EBMUD’s proposal to connect the Bay Area Ridge Trail for bikes. Continue reading

Dirty Overnight: Black Diamond Mines

Who but an elementary school teacher would convince a buncha hooligans to ride their bikes on dirt and sleep under the stars? Gathering packs of forty or fifty bikecampers, Adam Moss’ adventure rides are legend. This spring the word went around. We’re heading to Black Diamond Mines, a steep and hilly reserve of cow pasture and remnant oak woodland … Continue reading

Oaktown BBQ Bike Tour

Twelve hungry cyclists, four platters of ribs, one Saturday afternoon. Continue reading

A BigOl’Bash for Biking in the East Bay

This Friday Nov. 16 is the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s 40th Anniversary Party! You’re invited. Continue reading

Forgive me bike-gods for I have sinned.

It’s been three months and one concussion since I’ve gone mountain biking. Continue reading

Independence Day Ride Around the Bay!

With legs strong&fresh off bike tour, I circumnavigated the San Francisco Bay on the Fourth of July! Our route clocked out  somewhere between 170-180miles over 14hrs. Continue reading

Tandem Mountain Biking (and Hiking) in Tilden Park

“That is not a mountain tandem.” The bike in question had been recently donated to BORP’s Adaptive Cycling Center at Berkeley’s Aquatic Park. The shiny blue Trek had flat bars and 26 inch wheels, like you would find on a typical mountain bike. On the other hand, it lacked suspension and sported a set of … Continue reading

8-Bit: A Visual Language of Adventure

Google maps pranked my bike route up Mt. Diablo! I got Legend of Zelda instead of the usual map view. Pedaling up Diablo, I pondered, what is it about 8-bit that puts a flutter in my analog heart? Continue reading

Legend of Zelda: Quest for El Diablo

A round trip summit ride to Mt. Diablo from Pleasant Hill BART puts you 36 miles and 3800 feet of elevation gain closer to leveling up. Better yet, you can’t get Legend of Zelda: Quest for El Diablo at Gamestop or Barnes and Nobles. That’s because Flaming Bikers ride Open Access. Route:  My route here ascends … Continue reading

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