Flaming Beer Can Stove!

My housemates and their dinner guests drank a 24 pack of lagers yesterday. What luck! After gleefully mangling a half dozen cans, I successfully constructed an ultralight back/bikepacking alcohol stove. This model is called the Hannah stove (PDF instructions here). This variation on the pressurized penny stove does not require any special equipment or glues — just a […]

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Bivy in the Backyard

It was raining steadily around 10:30pm last night. Perfect weather for testing how my ultra-light bike camping equipment performs in the wet. I decided my experiment wasn’t about how wet I got setting it up — a test of technical skill and decision-making.  The test was about how wet I get sleeping in the thing […]

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Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour

This post is ONE BIG HOLLA to my speedy, game and adventurous friends, Peter and Becker. At a bbq last week, Peter let on that he was looking for a bike adventure in the coming weekend. He suggested that we ride Tamarancho, a Boy Scout maintained single-track mountain biking trail in Fairfax. Later in the […]

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North Bay Runabout

The Revolution is the annual fundraising ride for BORP, the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. My friend Greg Milano runs the cycling program, which gets people with physical disabilities on bike. They also have a tandem cycling program, and for the past two summers,  I’ve volunteered as a tandem pilot for visually impaired and […]

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Solo Bike Camping: Part Two

Be sure to read about my first solo bike camping trip, in Part One of this post. Along the way, I saw this church slogan in South Hayward: Milan Kundera writes about coincidences in The Unbearable Lightness of Being: “[Human lives] are composed like music. Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms a […]

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Solo Bike Camping: Part One

I am fallen in love — with my new bicycle. She is gorgeous and made of carbon with brushed aluminum lugs. Swift, but old school. I purchased her as a birthday present to myself, impulsively deciding that I needed a go-fast bike. The Naming We took a ride up Tunnel Road the morning after purchasing […]

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