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I met Scott Duffy the ER Doctor and MY FRIENDS SAVED MY ASS

Our adventure began at Katie’s house in the Mission. I have next to no memory of any of this, because 12 hrs later, I’ll be on my way to the ER with a dented helmet and amnesia. Ride with me as I ask the question, What the hell happened? Continue reading

Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour

This post is ONE BIG HOLLA to my speedy, game and adventurous friends, Peter and Becker. At a bbq last week, Peter let on that he was looking for a bike adventure in the coming weekend. He suggested that we ride Tamarancho, a Boy Scout maintained single-track mountain biking trail in Fairfax. Later in the … Continue reading

Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour – Day 2

Be sure to catch up on Day 1 of the Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour. Becker and I woke up Sunday morning in the 6am dark. The search and rescue training group gave a rally cry in the distance and tromped by again, a line of them in headlights. We crouched by the creek like Sam … Continue reading

Fairfax All-Terrain Stage Tour – Day 1

Saturday morning, I threw my bike-camping gear on my mountain bike and met a crew at MacArthur BART. After arriving on the San Francisco side of the bay, we crossed the Golden Gate bridge and rode north to Fairfax. During this leisurely 20 mile, I could not help but unleash to chase down roadies. I … Continue reading

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