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New Idria Superfun(d) Tour

Mercury or asbestos, why pick a poison when you can have both? Continue reading

Jim’s Famoso to California Hot Springs Loop

Jim Rides are legendary. I’ll remember this as the one where Jim called the cops on me. Continue reading

Bikewhacking Across California

Cycling north from Southern California back to the Bay Area, I couldn’t make up my mind. Dirt or road? Continue reading

How To: Not Panic and Recover Those Awesome Photos You Took While On Bike Tour In Mexico

Put on your Keanu Reeves glasses. We’re going into the Matrix. Continue reading

Charting New Waters

6:45 am. At anchorage off of Isla Isabel. Continue reading

Engine Failure

Despite the swearing down below, I felt only a curious calm, bobbing on our becalmed boat in the purple twilight. Continue reading

Offroad to Puerto Vallarta

¨”You know it´s all mountains that way, right?” Peter said. I replied, “Yup.” Continue reading

Bike culture’s home-sweet-home in Guadalajara

My buddy Owen stayed in many a Casa Ciclista during his ride from Buenos Aires back to Oakland. He described the casas as “living rooms” for local cycling communities. These are places for cyclists to gather, hang out, fix bikes, host cyclotourists, and foment bike revolution. The Casa Ciclista in Guadalajara is run by GDL … Continue reading

The Spoke International Cycle Touring Team

Domestically, we´re known as the Hole in a Head Gang, but abroad, we are: The Spoke International Cycle Touring Team! World ambassadors for (y)our favorite North Oakland bike shop, The Spoke Cyclery! Mid-January, we took our trademark ear to ear grins for a ride around the central northern highlands of Mexico. The team met up … Continue reading


A fawning tribute to Mexican food, despite its hazards. Continue reading

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