You will be the first woman to bike from Batopilas to Urique

The road to Batopilas from Creel used to be “la ruta de aventura.” The descent to the floor of Batopilas Canyon from 2000 meters in Creel is legendary. But when I checked in at Tres Amigos adventure tours, I was told that the road was under construction. It was being paved, and while it had been open during the holiday season, construction is due to start again.

And there might be explosions. “Boom!” Ivan the tour operator told me with a flash of his hands.

But far from deterring me, he launched into a description of the new, legendary route of adventure. A new road has been blasted from Batopilas to Urique, the next canyon over. Two Dutch men rode it recently, and a Korean team making a documentary. Ivan says I will be the first woman to ride it.

He even drew me a map.


He told me a lot more. The milemarkers, the small ranchitos to stay at, to bring coffee, cigarettes, candy and flour as gifts. To stay off the road at night. That there’s a small chance that I’ll run into men with guns and that comes with territory. He says they’ll look at me and know I’m a tourist and wave me on my way. They’re looking for guns and drugs and tourists are the last thing they want to mess with. They may even be amused–what the hell am I doing out there.

I don’t know, but Ivan has made me an offer of adventure I can’t refuse. Back in Creel in a week and I hope to update from the road. There’s a nice gringo run hotel in San Isidoro I hear.

Give me your thoughts for a sane, cautious journey. Yours, Ginger


Ivan would really appreciate if folks would check out the visit Batopilas website and like them on Facebook. Copper Canyon has a bad rap– and he agrees there’s a reason for it– but he has appointed me adventure ambassador. Check it out — stunning photos.

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