Taking the High Road to Half Moon Bay

Ever heard of Devil’s Slide? This narrow stretch of Hwy 1 is dreaded by local and long-distance bike tourers alike. Don’t let it deter you! For adventures south of San Francisco, local bikers take Old Pedro’s Mountain Road instead. This overgrown fire road climbs the chaparraled slopes of Montara Mountain. Upon reaching the saddle, the […]

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Return to the Planet of the Apes

Every hero has an origin story. So too, bike campers. I started this blog four summers ago, after my first ever bike camping trip. After re-reading my inaugural post, Half Moon Bay Overnight, I’m still chuckling at how riding dirt, burning pallets, and carrying a whole roast chicken on my handlebars that trip set the […]

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Half Moon Bay Overnight

A couple months ago, I read Harriet Brown’s write-up of her Paris-Brest-Paris ride, where she brought along a whole roast chicken in her handlebar bag. Inspired, I made a Brooks-look-alike handlebar bag for myself…a boxy old-style camera bag secured to my bars with a piece of belt, pop-rivets and a velcro strap. I had already […]

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