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New Idria Superfun(d) Tour

Mercury or asbestos, why pick a poison when you can have both? Continue reading

Pacheco Falls Overnight

After a soaking wet winter, it’s time to chase wildflowers and waterfalls! Continue reading

DIY: Adventure Dream Bike

Converting a mountain bike from the 90’s into an off-road bike touring machine! Continue reading

Sierra Backroads to Quincy

Ninety miles is practically next door when you’re in the mountains, right? Continue reading

Henry Coe Wildflower Overnight

Wildflowers and single track, it doesn’t get any better than this! Continue reading

Traversing the Santa Lucias on South Coast Road

Spring is a phenomenal time to explore the mountains of California’s Central Coast. This 90 mile route combines pavement riding with an ocean view fire road for a spectacular two day tour. Continue reading

Bikewhacking the Lost Sierras

Six days of logging roads, mining trails, and old abandoned paths in the northern Sierras. Continue reading

Ghost Rider of the Trans North

Doug Williams rode the Trans North, a 400 mile backcountry mountain bike race from Reno to Mendocino, in three and a half days. They called him the Ghost Rider because no one knew where he was until he showed up at a gas station in the lead pack. Continue reading

Post-Thanksgiving Bike Epic

On a timeout just a couple running yards away from finishing my Master’s Thesis, I dashed off to ride Sonoma County back roads by moonlight. Continue reading

Forgive me bike-gods for I have sinned.

It’s been three months and one concussion since I’ve gone mountain biking. Continue reading

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