Forgive me bike-gods for I have sinned.

It’s been three months and one concussion since I’ve gone mountain biking.

The bike-gods gave me a gentle reminder yesterday, in the form of a text-invite.

“Going for a S240. Would love to holler at the moon with you…Interested?” Popularized by Rivendell, S24O is shorthand for Sub-24 Hour Overnight, i.e. a short bike camping trip. A friend was headed out into the East Bay Hills for sleep out.

I dusted off my hardtail, strapped on my sleep kit, and was out of the house in 10 minutes. When the bike-gods call, you don’t dally.

The last time I rode a mountain bike, I woke up in the ER. This time I woke up to the sun rising over Mt. Diablo, and the moon setting in the western sky. Mountain bike at my side, dirt riding on my mind.

While gently shredding down a fire trail, I suddenly heard a tinkle-tumble of metal. I had been riding conservatively for about 2 hours, feeling timid. The prospect of repeat head trauma had taken the wind right out of my sails.

A jogger below me looked up with concern. “You ok?”

I looked down and laughed. “My bottle cage just broke off.”

I’m taking it as a reminder from the bike-gods, as I’m getting back on the dirt-bike again. Shit happens all the time. This time your bottle cage, next time, why not shear off the top tube?

Wear your helmet kiddies and keep up the health insurance. Safety gear is essential for the safety third lifestyle.


– The Flaming Bike

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