Novice trout fishing. Expert trout eating.

I took a Brian Gangel-monster style bike-fishing trip along the Sierra Vistas Scenic Byway. (Full details on the trip here!) The first morning, I tried my hand fishing at Bass Lake. Caught nothing but my own line in a giant tangle.

Fish were observed jumping at Rock Creek, the second swim hole of the trip.

Despite our best efforts to stun fish into submission, we came home empty-handed.

I was a bit exasperated. At Granite Creek, the last swim hole of the trip, I didn’t even bother to bring my reel and went skinny dipping instead.

When I got out of the water, there was a guy fishing who wasn’t there when I got in it. Let’s just say I looked a lot like Botticelli’s Venus, except I’m not blonde and she doesn’t have a bike shorts tan.

Wikimedia Commons.

As I was putting my bike shorts back on, WHAM! He catches a trout! I’m delighted to have hard proof that trout CAN be caught out of these streams. Just not by me. So, I asked if he would catch a fish for me. And darned if he just ups and gives me the trout, still flopping.

Luckily, I had just attended Brian Gangelmonster’s Bikeshare presentation on how to gut and cook your bikefished trout. Here we have the famed fish-on-a-stick.

I may be a novice at trout fishing, but I’m pretty good at trout eating.

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