Friday Night Skate

When my Dutch friend Renske learned that I would be in Amsterdam this weekend, she immediately turned to the computer and pulled up the Amsterdam weather channel.

She enthused, “If the weather is nice on Friday, you have to go to Friday Night Skate! You should bring your rollerblades. You can even leave them there and I’ll bring them back when I’m home for Christmas!”

I brought my blades and joined the ride. Highlights of the Friday Night Skate here:

Afterwards, the skaters and I hopped into a Belgian bar. They force fed me the Dutch bar delicacy bittebolle, or fried gooey potatoey porky balls, which I enjoyed. We wore our skates in the bar the whole night, which made going downstairs to the loo an experience! I noticed that Dutch guys talk to each other at the urinals — now you don’t find that in the states.

I hooked up with one of the bladers for another ride on Sunday. Sander (pronounced sAUnder) works in, as he says, “film and television” and is a baddass maniac on the skates. That ride deserves another post by itself — it was truly a RASCAL’S TOUR OF AMSTERDAM. See for yourself:

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