Bike Parking at Amsterdam Centraal

The sheer tonnage of bikes in Amsterdam is best experienced at Amsterdam Centraal, the transit station in the heart of the city. From here, you can take train, trolley, ferry and taxis to all points. I took a train into the city from the airport and couldn’t believe my eyes when I debarked.

For one, there’s multi-story bicycle parking!

Behind the piles of bicycles, the steepled, brick Amsterdam Centraal can be seen off in the distance.

A bridge provides covered bicycle parking.

I wonder what percent of bicycles locked on the street have been abandoned. Is there an bicycle harvest day, where everyone has to claim their bicycle and every other bike gets shipped off to the recyclers? More likely, the bikecology is self-regulating — any bike that is left long enough is either poached away or rusts to oblivion.

The bar kitty corner from me has started singing a capella.

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