Win this Big Pink Tall Bike!

Win this Big Pink Tall Bike! All Proceeds Benefit Climate Ride! Tickets just $5!


YOU NEED A TALL BIKE. Two meters above the crowd is undeniably the best place from which to view your daily bike commute, your local Bike Party, Critical Mass, and family reunion.

I am raffling off Big Pink the Tall Bike to benefit Climate Ride for the low price of FIVE SMACKERS. Climate Ride beneficiaries are making a difference in areas of clean energy, sustainable transportation, the green economy, and cycling. They include Adventure Cycling Association, the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, the San Francisco Bike Coalition, and many others whom I think are simply kickass.


Buy your ticket here by donating at my Climate Ride page. Here’s the link. $5 = one ticket for a chance to take Big Pink home, impress your friends, frighten your family.

Donations above $5 gladly taken. Each increment of $5 is one additional ticket. So $10 is two tickets, $500 is one hundred tickets, but $14.99 still only two tickets.

Tickets on sale through Friday, May 31, 2013. Winner will be announced at The Flaming Bike Blog on Saturday, June 1. Get in touch at or just comment below.

I’m happy to answer your questions.


1. Do you deliver?
Big Pink the Tall Bike comes with free home delivery if you live within reasonable biking distance of North Oakland and/or a BART station. That’s right, Big Pink rides BART. Perfect for your commute.

2. How do I know I win?
Write your email on the donation page. If you donate anonymously I won’t know who to give the bike to. Winner will be announced at The Flaming Bike Blog on Saturday, June 1 and I will contact you by email.

3. What if it breaks?
Big Pink the Tall Bike comes with a one year service guarantee. That’s right, for the first year of your purchase of Big Pink, I will do by best to repair any mechanical or structural problems that may arise. It’s a tall bike. She likes a little TLC.

4. I want to donate but I live too far away for delivery, or…gasp…I don’t want the tall bike.
YOU DON’T WANT A TALL BIKE? No problem. I am happy to suggest a host of local bike organizations to take her off your hands. Or hey, why not give her to your three year old. The kid will be stoked and there’s no way she’ll outgrow this kiddiebike.

5. How do I ride a Big Pink Tall Bike?

Boss Hoggin’ Tall Bike Campus Bike Day from metrotuned on Vimeo.


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