Potluck and Barn Dance at Pie Ranch

The monthly barn dance at Pie Ranch is hands-down my favorite destination for a hoe-down. A bike camping trip to this tiny slice of a farm is easy as pie and just as wholesome.

Trip at a glance
Route: Pie Ranch is located on Hwy 1 just south of Pescadero. To make it in time for dancing, most bikers take BART or Caltrain to ride from half-way down the Peninsula. Depending on where you start, it’ll be 45-60 miles per day, with a good bit of climbing. The Krebs cycle map for the Peninsula will get you there. The majority of the ride is on quiet roads through coastal farms and redwood forests. Here’s a potential Day 1 and Day 2 route (heads up, the Day 2 has a dirt descent, which can be easily bypassed).
Season: The mild, coastal climate of the Peninsula makes this an ideal ride in winter, spring, summer or fall. Go in mid-February to see the cherry orchards in bloom!
Camping: The farm asks a $7-15/person donation for camping. They have port-a-potties, picnic tables and a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. We toasted up cinnamon-sugar English muffins in the convection oven for breakfast! Many barn-dancers camp there when the evening winds down, so you’ll see familiar faces in the morning. I love waking up to farm animals getting their breakfast on, but bring ear-plugs if you would rather avoid the 6am rooster crows and billy goat neighs.
Barn Dance details: Third Saturday of the month. If you have an outrageous bike camper appetite, do bring a dish and heartily partake in the post-work day potluck (6pm just before the dance). Check out the Pie Ranch blog for current information.

Keep reading for a report from our Prez Day weekend trip –>

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