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How to Pick Up Chicks (while riding your bicycle through a typhoon)


I just picked up a box of 4 week old chicks! On my bike! Through a TYPHOON!


With the power of Craigslist and an RSS feed combined, it only took 2 weeks for me to find someone with chicks in the Berkeley/Oakland area (take them! for free!). I saw the CL post this morning, and arranged the drop.

When 2pm go-time rolled around, it started drizzling out. Hardly fazed, I grabbed a couple boxes and set off for North Berkeley. Just a moment later, I tromped my wet-self through (an immaculate) North Berkeley Craftsmen home, and packed half-a-dozen chicks into a Ramen noodle 20-pack box.

Outside, someone unleashed all the fire hydrants.

I set off through the flood. I forded the intersections, running half-foot deep in the gutters. I forded them with six chicks strapped to my rear rack in a cardboard box, melting. The box bowing to either side of the rack, melting.

But chicks are brave and strong even if Ginger is rash and brash, and we made it. I was soaked but the chicks were only a little damp. After a couple minutes under the heat lamp they were, again, merrily devouring chick feed and pooping on each other.

Of course, the rain stopped 15 mins after I got home.

SellingtheCarOh yea, we also sold the car. Yea! To a new home with friends!

About Ginger Jui

Ginger is a human-powered adventurer based in Oakland, California.


2 thoughts on “How to Pick Up Chicks (while riding your bicycle through a typhoon)

  1. You guys are great. Glad you’re still having awesome times in Berkeley and beyond!

    Posted by Rachel | October 21, 2009, 11:16 am
  2. Congrats on both the chicks and the car-free livin’! Hope to see you both at Jenn’s this Friday. Feel free to bring buddies (and wear wigs, or not). xox, Janet

    Posted by Janet | October 21, 2009, 2:47 pm

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