East Bay Casual Carpool Sites

Thanks to local biker and car-pooler Amory S., East Bay commuters now have a google map of casual carpool sites.

“Casual car pools” or “ad hoc car pools” are informal car pools that form when drivers and passengers meet — without specific prior arrangement — at designated locations. There are a number of East Bay meeting locations, which are detailed at http://www.ridenow.org/carpool/ and shown on the map. Drivers drop passengers off at Fremont and Mission Streets (or nearby) in downtown San Francisco.


2 thoughts on “East Bay Casual Carpool Sites

  1. it seems that you might have embedded a map for the (awesome but completely unrelated to your post) bike bike conference. whats that all about?

    1. I checked the Bike!Bike! website, and their embedded map is showing up as Amory’s carpool sites. Can’t be right because we made the map this week, and the conference happened months ago. Thanks for the notice, and I’ll try to figure out this bug.

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