Wishlist: Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

In Iceland, we told a German cyclist along the way it was our first real, long, bicycle adventure. He appraised us carefully, laughed, and said, “Well, you’ve chosen the hardest spot in the Western Hemisphere.” He probably means the North-Western Hemisphere, but the point and praise was well taken. In retrospect, Iceland was a good […]

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Point Reyes Overland Overnight

We’ve always taken Route 1 out to Pt. Reyes from Mill Valley, and frankly, it sucks car exhaust. So, I finally got a copy of the Marin County Bike Coalition’s map, which details the dirt tracks across the Marin Headlands. Saturday morning, we geared up the bikes for an overnight and tackled the overland route […]

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Half Moon Bay Overnight

A couple months ago, I read Harriet Brown’s write-up of her Paris-Brest-Paris ride, where she brought along a whole roast chicken in her handlebar bag. Inspired, I made a Brooks-look-alike handlebar bag for myself…a boxy old-style camera bag secured to my bars with a piece of belt, pop-rivets and a velcro strap. I had already […]

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