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Why you need to email EBMUD right now

Speak up, because mountain bikers were outnumbered 3:1 at last night’s meeting. Support EBMUD’s proposal to connect the Bay Area Ridge Trail for bikes. Continue reading

The Truly Random Winner of Big Pink the Tall Bike is…

I am proud as heck to report that raffle ticket sales for Big Pink the Tall Bike raised $259.75 for Climate Ride! and… KATIE STYER! YOU ARE THE WINNER OF BIG PINK THE TALL BIKE! Katie is the truly random winner of Big Pink. Now I know what you’re thinking. How totally non-random is it … Continue reading

The Bikemommas of CycloFemme

The fearsome, awestriking part of bikemomma is that she expects to eat shit, get up, and try again. She expects her flock — her kids and her community — to do the same. Continue reading

Who deserves to be crushed beneath a two-ton vehicle?

Urbanist Bill Lindeke asks, “Do you design bike lanes with the assumption that all the cyclists will be fast, efficient, well-trained, and “educated” about how to ride in traffic? Or do you design bike lanes for people who will move slowly, dawdle, and are perhaps younger or older or riding in groups? Do you design lanes for people who occasionally fall down?” Read the full article from streets.mn. Continue reading

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