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Bikewhacking the Lost Sierras

Six days of logging roads, mining trails, and old abandoned paths in the northern Sierras. Continue reading

Independence Day Ride Around the Bay!

With legs strong&fresh off bike tour, I circumnavigated the San Francisco Bay on the Fourth of July! Our route clocked out  somewhere between 170-180miles over 14hrs. Continue reading

The Hole in the Head Gang Returns!

The Hole in the Head Gang has returned from our tour of Oregon and northeastern California. Meet the gang and stay tuned for a full accounting of our adventures. Continue reading

I met Scott Duffy the ER Doctor and MY FRIENDS SAVED MY ASS

Our adventure began at Katie’s house in the Mission. I have next to no memory of any of this, because 12 hrs later, I’ll be on my way to the ER with a dented helmet and amnesia. Ride with me as I ask the question, What the hell happened? Continue reading

Grrrl gets off the Internet. Rides mountain bike.

While I wasn’t doing anything radically political this weekend (like smashing the right wing, the 1%, and patriarchy in one swell foop), I did meet a dozen guys, and one gal, for a mountain biking hammerfest at Skeggs Point. Continue reading

Mt. Vision Quest

What better subject of a vision quest than the Mt. Vision Ceanothus? The type locality for Ceanothus gloriosus var. porrectus (the Mt. Vision Ceanothus) hails from the “summit of Pierce Point Hill,” at the tip of the Pt. Reyes Peninsula. Armed with a road bike and a handful of notes scrawled from the herbarium database, I embarked on a botanical quest north. Continue reading

Legend of Zelda: Quest for El Diablo

A round trip summit ride to Mt. Diablo from Pleasant Hill BART puts you 36 miles and 3800 feet of elevation gain closer to leveling up. Better yet, you can’t get Legend of Zelda: Quest for El Diablo at Gamestop or Barnes and Nobles. That’s because Flaming Bikers ride Open Access. Route:  My route here ascends … Continue reading

Taking the High Road to Half Moon Bay

Ever heard of Devil’s Slide? This narrow stretch of Hwy 1 is dreaded by local and long-distance bike tourers alike. Don’t let it deter you! For adventures south of San Francisco, local bikers take Old Pedro’s Mountain Road instead. This overgrown fire road climbs the chaparraled slopes of Montara Mountain. Upon reaching the saddle, the … Continue reading

Bike to Hike: Pinnacles National Monument

The stunning rock formations at Pinnacles National Monument once formed part of a volcano the size of Mt. St. Helens. This ancient volcano loomed over Southern California and, in the past 22 million years, it has migrated at a rate of ~1 inch per year north along the San Andreas Fault. Today, its eroded flanks lie … Continue reading

Pie-Powered Pedaling to Pescadero

The monthly barn dance at Pie Ranch is hands-down my favorite destination for a hoe-down. A bike camping trip to this tiny slice of a farm is easy as pie and just as wholesome. Check out the trip at-at-a-glance for route details. Day One: 45 miles to Pescadero from Menlo Park Caltrain Station Our crew of … Continue reading

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